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Ballbusting stories.
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Publisher of tit
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Publisher of cock
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Publisher of ball
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Publisher of CBT

Welcome to DARKER PLEASURES - publisher of original BDSM erotica featuring stories of hard breast bondage and tit torture, femdom and CBT!

Darker Pleasures' books are available at Apple iTunes, Barnes and NobleAmazon and in all formats at Smashwords.

Long before 50 Shades of Grey, there was Darker Pleasures.  In 1999, we pioneered breast bondage and tit torture erotica on the Internet and went on to become the foremost web magazine specializing in all aspects of breast-oriented BDSM erotica.

In 2011, Darker Pleasures Publishing began with the release of
a greatly expanded version of Matt Nicholson's widely referenced Breast Punishment Primer - the only reference of its kind detailing every facet of breast bondage and tit torture.

Since then, DP has published hundreds of stories, from updated versions its magazine's tales to new female submissive tales.  Most recently, we have started publishing our new line of hard femdom stories with a focus on ball busting and cock and ball torture.

While sometimes referred to as "Men's Erotica," men and women alike enjoy our professionally-written hard bondage, tit torture, cock and ball torture and BDSM stories - tales that push taboos the direction you want them to go.

If you're looking for action-packed, edgy bondage and erotic sadomasochistic fantasy, Darker Pleasures is your place.

Our anthologies are just $3.99 each, a savings of anywhere from 75% to a whopping 300% off the individual story prices!

et the first in our Ultimate line of Omnibus anthologies, The Ultimate Beat 'Em or Bite 'Em: Dozens of Erotic Stories of Breasts and BDSM, a $42.00 value for just $9.99 at Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes and other fine outlets!
                                    Pleasures - Stories of female breast
                                    bondage and tit torture and femdom
                                    tales of ball busting and cock and
                                    ball torture!

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